What is QEEG - Quantiative EEG?

What is a QEEG?

QEEG or Quantitative EEG, is remarkable neurological imaging tool. We record brain wave patterns simultaneously from 19 different locations (standardized 10-20 locations) and compare the recording to a standardized database of EEG recordings of healthy age peers. From this comparison we can identify which areas of the brain are showing significant differences from the norm. We look at a number of metrics that gives us information about what areas are working too hard, which areas too little, and communication and coordination patterns between areas. A QEEG is used for neuropsychological-brain efficiency studies. We do not use the QEEG for diagnosing medical conditions. Catskill Neuropsychology shares its QEEG recordings and findings with referring doctors, so they can be examined from a medical perspective. The use of the 19 brain recording locations, allows sophisticated software to reconstruct the signals in a three dimensional manner that allows for location of the signal within about 7 millimeters of the actual location the cerebral cortex. A QEEG can localize brain activity about as well as an FMRI. A QEEG is better than an FMRI for electrophysiological analysis of brain function, and for imaging brain events in real time. It is inexpensive enough to be used in non-institutional settings.

The findings from the neuropsychological evaluation including the QEEG can help in determining treatment options, and tracking return of function. We can see the connection between cognitive / behavioral function and brain function.

The QEEG and neuropsychological evaluation are also used to guide neurofeedback therapy to locations related to symptoms. The QEEG can be integrated with biofeedback to allow for realtime training of specific structures and networks within the brain. When the structures in the brain that were dysrgulated become more stable and flexible, and better coordinated with other brain regions, the processes that are supported by those structures usually improve as well.

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