Services Provided


  • Remote Psychological Support College Students with Learning Disabilities, Attention, and Social difficulties
  • Neuropsychological Assessment - Child and Adult
  • Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Quantitative EEG Assessment
  • Assessment of Psychological Injury Due to Trauma
  • Psychological Services for Traumatically Injured Individuals
  • Multimodal Biofeedback - Psychophysiological Relaxation Training
  • Neurofeedback 1-19 channels, Surface Z-score and LORETA 3D
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Learning Disabilities Remediation
  • Coping with ADHD and LD in School and College
  • Getting Beyond Procrastination and Creative Block
  • Reasonable Accommodations Consultation and Recommendations
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Adjustment to Neurocognitive Disability
  • Peak Performance Training
  • Brain Gym


  • Catskill Neuropsychology provides consultation services to the medical community including neurology, PM&R, psychiatry, and primary care.

  • Catskill Neuropsychology provides consultation to the legal community to assist in the objective measurement, documentation and understanding of psychological and neuropsychological injury. We are able to demonstrate and image the the location, functional networks, and effects of concussion and more severe traumatic brain injuries, on neurological functioning with Quantitative EEG analyses. QEEG meets Frye-Daubert standards and has been accepted in court.

  • Dr. Turner has 30+ years experience as a licensed clinical psychologist. He is board certified in Quantitative EEG at the Diplomate level by the QEEG Certification Board.


  • Dr. Turner is board certified in Quantitative EEG at the Diplomate level and qualified to mentor other practitioners as they learn Quantitative EEG analysis techniques. Dr. Turner is also available for mentoring and supervising psychologists in training in psychotherapy,  psychological assessment, and neuropsychological assessment.

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