Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation is a functionally oriented therapeutic approach based on assessment and understanding of the person’s brain-behavior deficits. Cognitive rehabilitation focuses on helping individuals improve functioning in: attention; memory; communication, visual; spatial; sensory-motor; executive; emotional self-regulation; and social awareness impairments due to brain injury.Treatment plans are directed to achieve functional changes by exercising the dysregulated brain networks via therapeutic cognitive exercises, and QEEG guided neurofeedback, In addition, compensatory skills, and adaptive technology ate used to help a person maintain improved functioning through adaptation.

Cognitive rehabilitation is one component of a comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation program. It focuses not only on the specific cognitive deficits of the individual with brain injury, but also the impact on social, communication, behavior, and academic/vocational performance.

The brain is involved in all of our behavior and experience. Brain injury affects us on many levels in addition to the cognitive domains; these include; sense of self, self-efficacy, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and frequently PTSD. These also need to be addressed therapeutically.

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