About Ron Turner, Ph.D., QEEG-D

Ron Turner, PhD, QEEG-D is a clinical psychologist specializing psychological and Neuropsychological assessment and science based psychological treatment. He is the Senior Psychologist and founder of Catskill Neuropsychology in Rock Hill, NY.

Dr. Turner has 3 decades’ experience as a clinical neuropsychologist. He is a graduate of Hofstra University Clinical and School Psychology PHD program. He is now a neuropsychologist specializing in mild to moderate brain injury, changes due to central nervous system disorders, and adjustment following accident or illness. Dr. Turner is also certified by the QEEG Certification Board at the Diplomate level. Dr. Turner has worked many years in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Departments of Albany Medical Center, Saint Peter's Hospital, and Rusk-Langone Hospitals Center. Dr. Turner was the neuropsychologist for the Center for Discovery. Dr. Turner has also had consulting relationships with a number of other organizations dedicated to rehabilitation and individuals with disabilities.

Dr. Turner has presented at conferences and to general audiences speaking on various topics related to the intersection of psychology and health. Dr. Turner has also taught courses on developmental life-span psychology, and psychological evaluation at Hofstra University and the College of Saint Rose as adjunct faculty.


Dr. Turner's CV:

Assessment Expertise:

Neuropsychological; Affective; Behavioral; Cognitive; Developmental; Geriatric; Pain; Personality; Psychoeducational; Psychophysiological; 3 dimensional Quantitative EEG.

Treatment Modalities:

Behavior therapy; Multimodal biofeedback; LORETA guided Neurofeedback; Cognitive-behavior therapy; Cognitive rehabilitation; Coping skills training; Guided imagery; Meditation; Physiological relaxation; Consultation; Medically related family therapy.

Patients & Clinical Focus :

Age range: Toddler to Elder senior.

Developmental disorders; Learning disorders; Stroke; Head injury; Other neuropsychological disorders: Medical stress; Persistent pain; Stress disorders; Depression; Anxiety; Industrial and accident trauma.

Professional Experience:

Catskill Neuropsychology, Rock Hill, NY. (8/2015 – present) Senior Psychologist. Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. Quantitative EEG. Multimodal Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Clinical supervision for psychology interns and other clinicians. Mentoring and supervision in QEEG.

Center for Discovery, Monticello, NY. (6/2013 – 8/2015) Neuropsychologist. Psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. Staff supervision. Individual and group psychotherapy. Adjustment to TBI, Pain coping. Developmental Evaluations, Quantitative Encephalography. Neurofeedback. Clinical psychological consultation to multidisciplinary treatment teams.

Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation – Langone/NYU Hospitals Center. (06/07 – 11/08) Senior Psychologist. psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. Individual and group psychotherapy. Adjustment to CVA, TBI, Pain coping. Clinical psychological consultation to multidisciplinary treatment teams.

Medical Psychology Services -> Rephuah Health Psychology, P.C. (11/92 to present). Independent psychological practice: Clinical and consulting services to children, adults and families coping with disability, illness, trauma, stress and individuals with central nervous system injuries and disorders.

Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Albany, NY; Albany Medical Center Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Albany, NY) National Center for Disability Services (1/2000 –8/2001). Albertson, NY. Consultant for the development of a psychosocial support and prevention system for disabled individuals entering the work force. Research, program development, and staff training.

Albany Medical College, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, (10/91 to 11/92). Albany, NY. Clinical Psychologist: Outpatient chronic pain and stroke/head injury programs.

Rensselaer City School District, (3/90 to 7/91). Rensselaer, NY. School Psychologist: Psychological assessments, consultations, and direct services. Grades K-12.

Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth, (8/89 to 3/90). Canaan, NY. (predoctoral) Clinician: Treatment planning and implementation in a cognitive-behavioral, family oriented, residential treatment facility for adjudicated youth.

Rainbow Preschool of Suffolk County, (9/88-3/89). Commack, NY. School Psychologist: Psychological assessments, consultations, and direct services in a special education preschool.

Human Resources School, (9/86 to 4/87). Albertson, NY. Psychometrician: Triennial evaluations for physically challenged students.

Consulting services also provided to:

Kingston Pain Treatment Center. Kingston, NY

Saint Peter’s Hospital Dept. of PM&R. Albany, NY

National Center for Disability Services. Albertson, NY

The Center for the Disabled. Albany, NY

Albany Medical College-Speech & Language Disorders Clinic. Albany, NY

NYS Department of Social Services- Office of Disability Determinations

Licensure and Certifications:

Licensed independent psychologist in the State of New York

National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology

QEEG Certification Board – Diplomate


Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical and School Psychology, (8/90). Hofstra University Doctoral Program in Clinical and School Psychology. Hempstead, New York. Doctoral Dissertation: "Stress, Appraisal, and Coping, and the Differentiation of Anxious and Depressive Mood States".

Master of Arts in Clinical and School Psychology (8/85). Hofstra University Doctoral Program in Clinical and School Psychology. Hempstead, New York. Master’s Thesis: "Self-Efficacy, Locus of Control, and Obsessive Ruminations as Discriminators of Weight Loss Maintenance Behavior.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (5/82). Minor in Biology. Hobart College. Geneva, New York.

Teaching and Presentations:

Hofstra University, Department of Psychology, (spring 89). Hempstead, NY. Adjunct faculty. "Adolescent Development".

College of Saint Rose, Department of Psychology (1994). Albany, NY. Adjunct Faculty. "Adult Development", and “Psychological Assessment".

Theoretical and Clinical Interests:

Neuropsychology; Quantitative EEG. Cognition and learning disorders. Executive and attention disorders. Medically related anxiety and depression. Coping with medical disorders; Assessment and psychological therapy for persistent pain. Stress-appraisal-coping research. Cognitive-Behavior theory and therapy. Physiological self-regulation; Multimodal Biofeedback. 3 dimensional LORETA based Neurofeedback. Multiple regression statistical analysis

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