Psychoeducational Services for College Students

Are you concerned about your child as they transition from high school into college. How is your young adult child doing academically, personally, and socially, as they navigate the transition to college life?

Historically, Has your child struggled with learning, attention, organizational, and or initiation difficulties? The transition to college often exacerbates these difficulties. Now, as a college student your child has to create their own daily structure and self-motivate to get work done. Is your college student achieving at their potential?

The transition to college is a major new stage in a young person's life. It is not uncommon for the demands of this stage of life to trigger anxiety and depression. How is your child's mood and vitality? How are they sleeping? Do they seem to be in a pleasant mind or easily irritated?

We have found that weekly remote support services are great resources for helping college students do better in college and experience more success. We provide telehealth based psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic services to students while at college. On a weekly basis throughout the semester your child would be able to talk with a trained psychologist  and get help with any difficulties they may be having. This help includes learning to work independently, getting reasonable accommodations, learning how to structure one's work, balancing work and social life, decreasing anxiety and depression, procrastination, and making good decisions. 

We have found that young adults with academic challenges profit from having an expert outside the family with whom they can develop their own unique work style and coping skills. Each student needs to learn their optimal way of learning and working.

College Level Psychological Services 

  • Telehealth Video Based Psychological Support for College Students with Learning Disabilities, Attention, and Social difficulties
  • Learning Disabilities Remediation
  • Coping with ADHD and LD in School and College
  • Getting Beyond Procrastination and Creative Block
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy for anxiety, depression
  • Mindfulness
  • Hypnosis
  • Peak Performance Training
  • Brain Gym
  • Neuropsychological Assessment 
  • Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Reasonable Accommodations Consultation and Recommendations
  • Assessment of Psychological Injury Due to Trauma
  • Multimodal Biofeedback - Psychophysiological Relaxation Training
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • LORETA Neurofeedback

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