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Catskill Neuropsychology is a specialty psychology practice focusing on the application of the science of brain-behavior relationships to help individual lives. We provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and cognitive rehabilitation services.  We work with individuals struggling with a number of conditions including: attention deficit, traumatic brain injury / concussion, learning disabilities, trauma related disorders, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive patterns, changes in cognitive functioning, and recovery after trauma. Catskill Neuropsychology integrates cutting edge scientifically validated assessment and treatment techniques with deep compassion for the human struggle to improve functioning. 

Our neuropsychological assessments focus on normal and abnormal brain functioning as it impacts a broad range of cognitive, self-regulatory, emotional, and behavioral functions. We use objective neuropsychological tests, systematic behavioral observations, and interpretation of findings based on neuropsychological science. We conduct and utilize Quantitative EEG neuroimaging analyses in our evaluations. Our evaluations are utilized to help with differential diagnosis, treatment planning, and measurement of psychological injury.

After a thorough assessment, a neuropsychologically informed treatment plan is developed to increase personal functioning. We provide QEEG Assessment, QEEG guided LORETA neurofeedback, and cognitive rehabilitation, and multimodal biofeedback to help you accomplish your goals. 

Catskill Neuropsychology provides consultation services to the medical community including neurologists, PM&R, psychiatrists, and primary care. Catskill Neuropsychology provides consultation to the legal community to assist in the objective measurement, documentation and understanding of psychological and neuropsychological injury.

Dr. Turner has 30 years experience as a licensed clinical psychologist. He is board certified in Quantitative EEG at the Diplomate level by the QEEG Certification Board. 

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